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2017 Jeep Wrangler in Temple, Waco, Killeen TX is king of the off-road environment. Wrangler is a proud name in the Jeep brand and it has earned its trail rating over and over again. This rugged, awesome, powerful, and capable beast has conquered all the hardest trails in the world...bone stock! for the more extreme off-road enthusiast there are several different upgrades you can do to the beast that is Wrangler to make it even more capable and conquer the world. Read on to learn all about this best off road vehicle in the industry.

2017 Jeep Wrangler in Temple, Waco, Killeen TX has tons of style, because sure it is fun to go anywhere you want any time you want where roads are optional, but who says you cant look good doing it? Jeep certainly doesn't! This is why Jeep Wrangler has a unique and unmistakable look to it. Wrangler keeps its iconic and heritage parts to it like the 7-slot grille, round headlamps, "boxy" design, hood clamps on the outsides, removable top and doors, and the list goes on. However, there are also many upgrades, enhancements, and improvements made to some of those things that were never even noticed as well as some things that were. for example, the hard top now has an available body color option to match the top to the jeep and give it a sleek, monochromatic look. additionally for those that like options, there is the duel-top option that gives you BOTH a soft top and a hard top so you can decide on the fly before you leave home which top you want to go with that day. Upgraded wheels and tires, bumper designs, and other things like that which enhance the look, increase the functionality, but does nothing to diminish the legacy of Wrangler.

2017 Jeep Wrangler in Temple, Waco, Killeen TX interior is where a huge amount has changed and leaps and bounds of improvements over the years. Just because you like a rugged exterior does not mean you want it rugged inside and uncomfortable. so Jeep has put in new seat designs with all new materials to increase the comfort levels, new steering wheel and soft-touch materials are now used throughout to give it a more friendlier and warmer feel and look. and other things that aren't so obvious like auto-dimming rearview mirror help increase the driving experience to make the most of your off-road excursion or on-road cruise. Now just because there was a lot changed inside, also doe not mean Jeep forgot to give a nod to the legacy of the Wrangler, oh no. Things like the iconic circular air vents that are true Wrangler heritage were kept in play just for you. Lastly, on both the exterior and interior, Jeep put little "Easter eggs" throughout the wrangler for you to find that also give a nod to the heritage of the Wrangler. For example, take a look in the headlight and you will see a little "Jeep grille". There are many others, but we will let you find them on your own.

2017 Jeep Wrangler in Temple, Waco, Killeen TX as mentioned above in the sections and the picture directly above, this is the ultimate go anywhere and do anything SUV in the market place today. From snow to rain, mud to sand, dry pavement to mountain rocks - Jeep Wrangler isn't afraid to take on any terrain. With a commanding approach angle, huge ground clearance, and tons of torque, the Jeep Wrangler is ready to take on the world and then some.

2017 Jeep Wrangler in Temple, Waco, Killeen TX has more trim lines available than ever before, one for each kind of Wangler customer. This is the only vehicle in the market that offers a manual shift transmission on all trim lines all the way up to the top trim, because Jeep knows that our Wrangler customers are a special and awesome breed that loves to get dirty and go offroad whenever they want, wherever they want. Even the fully loaded Rubicon and Saharas with leather and all the goodies has the manual available! The Rubicon is for the ultimate off-roader though with a 4.10 rear axle ratio and unlocking differential you can go anywhere. The other trims are perfect meshes between those other trims to make sure you can get all that you want in your wrangler and nothing you don't. To get a full breakdown of the features and benefits of each trim line we invite you to come visit our facility in Temple, TX. We are easy to find right off the highway and are always happy to serve you as well as get you all the information you need to make an educated purchase. Don't have time to visit right now? Not a problem! We have a form for you below to fill out and we will get you the answers you want without ever having to step in the dealership. We make it easy here at Mac Haik, we are your friendly Dodge Dealership that specializes in hassle free visits and obligation free tests drives! We make the car buying experience the way it should be; fun, friendly, and enjoyable.

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